Lucht & Leefomgeving

Van Belois Milieuadvies

Healthy air and a high-quality living environment

Van Belois Milieuadvies offers advice on Local Air Quality and Odour/Odor nuisance, at the interface of Environment and Spatial Planning.

The quality of our environment is of interest to us all. Whether it concerns living, working or recreation, it is important for everyone that the environment offers the space to realize our goals and to live our lives. We want that as citizens, as holidaymakers, and just as much as businesses. It is up to the government to weigh up the interests of all parties involved. So that the scarce space in our country is used responsibly and sustainably and the living environment is and remains healthy.

Van Belois Milieuadvies advises and assists governments, companies and citizens:

  • based on specific knowledge and experience of local air quality and odor nuisance
  • in projects and procedures to implement or manage a desired environmental quality or usage space
  • when making plans and policies to jointly determine how best to fill in a location or area,

and what is associated with or required for this in terms of air quality or odor or other nuisance aspect.