Hugo van Belois

Profile Hugo van Belois

Van Belois Milieuadvies is the agency where I, Hugo van Belois, offer my services as an engineer of environmental hygiene. My background is that of a Wageningen engineer in Environmental Hygiene. For me, that background stands for a ‘broad view’, ‘with your feet in the clay’: knowing how things work, thinking in a solution-oriented way, and from there delivering quality in practical advice. new in environmental health. In short: make it work!

Local air quality and odor/odor nuisance are my substantive specialisms. These have been my fields of focus from the start of my career. First of all, technical content, measurement and calculations. What I later more and more combined with policy-related work and environmental studies in the broader context of spatial plans, area-oriented work, and environmental management.

The working method that suits me as a person is working out responsible solutions through creative thinking and helping to realize them in collaboration.